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Download Samsung Simlock Calculator v2.0 – Fixed!

Download Samsung Simlock Calculator v2.0 – Fixed!

You have a Samsung phone locked to a network and you want utilser a SIM card of another mobile operator. Samsung Simlock Calculator v2.0 – Fixed! is a software to unlock many models of mobile phones from Samsung. I have not tested the software but according to the author, you can get the unlock code for all the following models:

Samsung ATIV S; Samsung B2100; Samsung B2710 Solid; Samsung B3210; Samsung B3310; Samsung B3410; Samsung B3410w; Samsung B5310; Samsung B5330 Galaxy Chat; Samsung B5722; Samsung B6520 Omnia Pro 5; Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite; Samsung B7320 Omnia Pro; Samsung B7350 Omnia Pro 4; Samsung B7510; Samsung B7610 Omnia Pro; Samsung B7722; Samsung C3050; Samsung C3060; Samsung C3200; Samsung C3222; Samsung C3300 Champ; Samsung C3322; Samsung C3330 Champ 2; Samsung C3350; Samsung C3500 [email protected] 350; Samsung C3510 Genoa; Samsung C3520; Samsung C3530; Samsung C3560; Samsung C3750; Samsung C3780; Samsung C5212; Samsung C5510; Samsung C6112; Samsung C6712 Star II Duos; Samsung E1050; Samsung E1070; Samsung E1080; Samsung E1100; Samsung E1107; Samsung E1120; Samsung E1125; Samsung E1130B Solid; Samsung E1150; Samsung E1180; Samsung E1182; Samsung E1190; Samsung E1200; Samsung E1230; Samsung E1232B; Samsung E1310; Samsung E1310B; Samsung E2100B; Samsung E2120; Samsung E2210B; Samsung E2222 [email protected] 222; Samsung E2230; Samsung E2250; Samsung E2370; Samsung E2530; Samsung E2550; Samsung E2600; Samsung E3210; Samsung Galaxy A3; Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos; Samsung Galaxy A5; Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos; Samsung Galaxy A7; Samsung Galaxy Ace 2; Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 LTE S7275; Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7270; Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7272; Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE; Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos; Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus; Samsung Galaxy Ace Style; Samsung Galaxy Alpha; Samsung Galaxy Beam; Samsung Galaxy Camera; Samsung Galaxy Camera 2; Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi; Samsung Galaxy Core; Samsung Galaxy Core 2; Samsung Galaxy Core LTE; Samsung Galaxy Core Plus; Samsung Galaxy Core Prime; Samsung Galaxy Core Prime LTE; Samsung Galaxy Express; Samsung Galaxy Fame; Samsung Galaxy Grand 2; Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 LTE; Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo; Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime; Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Duos; Samsung Galaxy J1; Samsung Galaxy K Zoom; Samsung Galaxy M Pro; Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9150; Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200; Samsung Galaxy Music; Samsung Galaxy Nexus; Samsung Galaxy Note; Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1; Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition); Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE (2014 Edition); Samsung Galaxy Note 3; Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE; Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo; Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE; Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C; Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910S; Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0; Samsung Galaxy Note Edge; Samsung Galaxy Note II; Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2; Samsung Galaxy Pocket; Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom; Samsung Galaxy S5; Samsung Galaxy S5 mini; Samsung Galaxy S6; Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1; Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0; Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1; Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0; Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0; Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Wi-Fi; Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0; Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1; Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE; Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Wi-Fi; Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0; Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0; Samsung Galaxy TAB A LTE; Samsung Galaxy TAB A Wi-Fi; Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5; Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE; Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4; Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE; Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10.1; Samsung Galaxy TabPro 12.2; Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4; Samsung Galaxy Trend 2; Samsung Galaxy Win; Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3; Samsung Galaxy Y Duos; Samsung Galaxy Y Pro; Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos; Samsung Galaxy Young; Samsung I5500 Corby; Samsung I5510 Galaxy 551; Samsung I5700; Samsung I5800; Samsung i7110; Samsung I7500; Samsung I8000 Omnia II; Samsung i8150 Galaxy W; Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini; Samsung I8200 Galaxy S III mini VE; Samsung I8350 Omnia W; Samsung i8510 INNOV8; Samsung I8520; Samsung i8700 Omnia 7; Samsung i8910 Omnia HD; Samsung I9000; Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus; Samsung I9003; Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance; Samsung I9080 Galaxy Grand; Samsung I9082 Galaxy Grand; Samsung I9100; Samsung I9103; Samsung I9105 Galaxy S II Plus; Samsung I9105P Galaxy S II Plus; Samsung I9190 Galaxy S4 mini; Samsung I9195 Galaxy S4 mini; Samsung I9295 Galaxy S4 Active; Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III; Samsung I9301 Galaxy S3 Neo; Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III LTE; Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4; Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4; Samsung I9515 Galaxy S4 VE; Samsung M2310; Samsung M2510; Samsung M3510 Beatb; Samsung M5650; Samsung M6710 Beat Disc; Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani; Samsung M7600 Beat DJ; Samsung M8910 Pixon12; Samsung Nexus 10; Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab; Samsung P1010 Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi; Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus; Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1; Samsung P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9; Samsung P7310 Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi; Samsung P7320 Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE; Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1; Samsung P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi; Samsung P8600 Galaxy Tab 7.7; Samsung S3310; Samsung S3350; Samsung S3370; Samsung S3500; Samsung S3550; Samsung S3570 [email protected] 357; Samsung S3600; Samsung S3650; Samsung S3850 Corby II; Samsung S5050; Samsung S5150; Samsung S5200; Samsung S5230; Samsung S5230 Avila GPS; Samsung S5250 Wave; Samsung S5260; Samsung S5280 Galaxy Star; Samsung S5301 Galaxy Pocket Plus; Samsung S5330 Wave 2 Pro; Samsung S5350; Samsung S5360; Samsung S5380 Wave Y; Samsung S5510; Samsung S5530; Samsung S5550; Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini; Samsung S5600; Samsung S5610; Samsung S5611; Samsung S5620; Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio; Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit; Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover; Samsung S5750 Wave; Samsung S5780 Wave; Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace; Samsung S5839i Galaxy Ace VE; Samsung S6500 Galaxy Mini 2; Samsung S6500 Galaxy Mini 2 NFC; Samsung S6700; Samsung S7070; Samsung S7220; Samsung S7230 Wave; Samsung S7250 Wave M; Samsung S7330; Samsung S7350; Samsung S7350i; Samsung S7390 Galaxy Trend Lite; Samsung S7530; Samsung S7560 Galaxy Trend; Samsung S7562 Galaxy S Duos; Samsung S7580 Galaxy Trend Plus; Samsung S7710 Galaxy Xcover 2; Samsung S8000 Jet; Samsung S8300; Samsung S8500 Wave; Samsung S8530 Wave II; Samsung S8600 Wave 3; Samsung Serenata; Samsung SGH-2100; Samsung SGH-2400; Samsung SGH-600; Samsung SGH-800; Samsung SGH-A100; Samsung SGH-A110; Samsung SGH-A200; Samsung SGH-A300; Samsung SGH-A400; Samsung SGH-A500; Samsung SGH-A800; Samsung SGH-B2700 Solid; Samsung SGH-B300; Samsung SGH-C100; Samsung SGH-C110; Samsung SGH-C120; Samsung SGH-C130; Samsung SGH-C140; Samsung SGH-C170; Samsung SGH-C180; Samsung SGH-C200; Samsung SGH-C210; Samsung SGH-C240; Samsung SGH-C250; Samsung SGH-C260; Samsung SGH-C270; Samsung SGH-C300; Samsung SGH-C450; Samsung SGH-C520; Samsung SGH-D100; Samsung SGH-D300; Samsung SGH-D410; Samsung SGH-D500; Samsung SGH-D510; Samsung SGH-D520; Samsung SGH-D600; Samsung SGH-D600E; Samsung SGH-D700; Samsung SGH-D710; Samsung SGH-D720; Samsung SGH-D730; Samsung SGH-D780 Duos; Samsung SGH-D800; Samsung SGH-D820; Samsung SGH-D830; Samsung SGH-D840; Samsung SGH-D870; Samsung SGH-D880 DuoS; Samsung SGH-D900; Samsung SGH-D900i; Samsung SGH-D980 Duos; Samsung SGH-E100; Samsung SGH-E200; Samsung SGH-E210; Samsung SGH-E250; Samsung SGH-E251; Samsung SGH-E300; Samsung SGH-E310; Samsung SGH-E330; Samsung SGH-E340; Samsung SGH-E350; Samsung SGH-E350E; Samsung SGH-E360; Samsung SGH-E380; Samsung SGH-E390; Samsung SGH-E400; Samsung SGH-E420; Samsung SGH-E490; Samsung SGH-E500; Samsung SGH-E530; Samsung SGH-E570; Samsung SGH-E590; Samsung SGH-E600; Samsung SGH-E610; Samsung SGH-E620; Samsung SGH-E630; Samsung SGH-E640; Samsung SGH-E700; Samsung SGH-E715; Samsung SGH-E720; Samsung SGH-E730; Samsung SGH-E740; Samsung SGH-E750; Samsung SGH-E760; Samsung SGH-E770; Samsung SGH-E780; Samsung SGH-E800; Samsung SGH-E810; Samsung SGH-E820; Samsung SGH-E830; Samsung SGH-E840; Samsung SGH-E850; Samsung SGH-E870; Samsung SGH-E880; Samsung SGH-E900; Samsung SGH-E950; Samsung SGH-F110; Samsung SGH-F200; Samsung SGH-F210; Samsung SGH-F250; Samsung SGH-F300; Samsung SGH-F330; Samsung SGH-F400; Samsung SGH-F480; Samsung SGH-F490; Samsung SGH-F500; Samsung SGH-F510; Samsung SGH-F520; Samsung SGH-F700; Samsung SGH-G400 Soul; Samsung SGH-G600; Samsung SGH-G800; Samsung SGH-G810; Samsung SGH-i200; Samsung SGH-i300; Samsung SGH-i310; Samsung SGH-i320; Samsung SGH-i400; Samsung SGH-i450; Samsung SGH-i500; Samsung SGH-i520; Samsung SGH-i550; Samsung SGH-i550w; Samsung SGH-i560; Samsung SGH-i570; Samsung SGH-i600; Samsung SGH-i620; Samsung SGH-i700; Samsung SGH-i750; Samsung SGH-i780; Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia; Samsung SGH-J150; Samsung SGH-J200; Samsung SGH-J400; Samsung SGH-J600; Samsung SGH-J630; Samsung SGH-J700; Samsung SGH-J700i; Samsung SGH-J750; Samsung SGH-J800; Samsung SGH-L170; Samsung SGH-L310; Samsung SGH-L320; Samsung SGH-L700; Samsung SGH-L760; Samsung SGH-L870; Samsung SGH-M100; Samsung SGH-M110; Samsung SGH-M150; Samsung SGH-M300; Samsung SGH-M600; Samsung SGH-M8800 Pixon; Samsung SGH-N100; Samsung SGH-N300; Samsung SGH-N400; Samsung SGH-N500; Samsung SGH-N620; Samsung SGH-P100; Samsung SGH-P110; Samsung SGH-P200; Samsung SGH-P300; Samsung SGH-P310; Samsung SGH-P400; Samsung SGH-P410; Samsung SGH-P510; Samsung SGH-P520; Samsung SGH-P710; Samsung SGH-P730; Samsung SGH-P850; Samsung SGH-P860; Samsung SGH-P900; Samsung SGH-P910; Samsung SGH-P960; Samsung SGH-Q100; Samsung SGH-Q200; Samsung SGH-Q300; Samsung SGH-R200; Samsung SGH-R210S; Samsung SGH-R220; Samsung SGH-S100; Samsung SGH-S200; Samsung SGH-S300; Samsung SGH-S400i; Samsung SGH-S410i; Samsung SGH-S500; Samsung SGH-S730i; Samsung SGH-T100; Samsung SGH-T200; Samsung SGH-T400; Samsung SGH-T500; Samsung SGH-T700; Samsung SGH-T719; Samsung SGH-U100; Samsung SGH-U300; Samsung SGH-U600; Samsung SGH-U700; Samsung SGH-U800 Soulb; Samsung SGH-U900 Soul; Samsung SGH-V100; Samsung SGH-V200; Samsung SGH-X100; Samsung SGH-X140; Samsung SGH-X150; Samsung SGH-X160; Samsung SGH-X200; Samsung SGH-X210; Samsung SGH-X400; Samsung SGH-X430; Samsung SGH-X450; Samsung SGH-X460; Samsung SGH-X480; Samsung SGH-X481; Samsung SGH-X500; Samsung SGH-X510; Samsung SGH-X520; Samsung SGH-X530; Samsung SGH-X600; Samsung SGH-X610; Samsung SGH-X620; Samsung SGH-X630; Samsung SGH-X640; Samsung SGH-X660; Samsung SGH-X680; Samsung SGH-X700; Samsung SGH-X800; Samsung SGH-X820; Samsung SGH-X830; Samsung SGH-X900; Samsung SGH-X910; Samsung SGH-Z100; Samsung SGH-Z105; Samsung SGH-Z107; Samsung SGH-Z110; Samsung SGH-Z130; Samsung SGH-Z140; Samsung SGH-Z150; Samsung SGH-Z170; Samsung SGH-Z230; Samsung SGH-Z300; Samsung SGH-Z310; Samsung SGH-Z320i; Samsung SGH-Z330; Samsung SGH-Z350; Samsung SGH-Z360; Samsung SGH-Z370; Samsung SGH-Z400; Samsung SGH-Z500; Samsung SGH-Z510; Samsung SGH-Z520; Samsung SGH-Z540; Samsung SGH-Z550; Samsung SGH-Z560; Samsung SGH-Z600; Samsung SGH-Z620; Samsung SGH-Z630; Samsung SGH-Z700; Samsung SGH-Z710; Samsung SGH-Z720; Samsung SGH-ZV40; Samsung SGH-ZV50; Samsung SGH-ZV60; Samsung Star 3; Samsung Star 3 Duos; Samsung Wrist Watch Phone; Samsung Xcover 550




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